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My work finds a dialog between my remote memory and the sensation created by my current personal environment.

I try to get closer to the essence shared by these two vastly distant moments.


The personal environment has changed the way I work; we express deeply personal and intimate feelings through creation.

With that in mind I could say my work has strengthened its link with my current life.

The need for creation can’t be tamed.

When this anxiety emerges, I observe it and let my thoughts flow.

I’m unaware of what path it will take, nor I know how intense the conflict that will follow in the course of this profound voyage.

A necessary step to investigate what lies behind this recurring occurrence.


I search for shapes and processes that feel connected to my emotions.

Although it doesn’t show in the final pieces, I see necessary spending time with the materials, sharing moments together.

My pieces have evolved from the hard cilindric shapes I used to cast, into other profiles with softer materials.

Following this interior search, my mental journey has taken me to this place.

To become as sincere as possible, I accept it and enjoy its possibilities.

Interview by TAMAGIT​

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