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Polyphony of silence

My actual work has been a discovery of the dialogue between my labor and a remembrance. It has been an approach to that memory; a sensation felt during childhood.
As if I got close to its essence; like I was part of it, as if it had fallen over me or I was magne- tically attracted to it; like we were about to synchronize.

I felt it while gazing the gray sky from which snow fell; now sensing it while staring my pieces.

I enjoy truly the calmness that concentration entails, obtained during the process of crea- tion.
While heeding the shape that has appeared from turning the metal, I helped it become a wearable piece or allowed it to become an object-piece.

Every time I work on the essence of shape, trying to do so sincerely, the line between jewel- ry and object softens. The possibilities widen even more and I feel a tad freer.
Experiencing and observing every second from the material’s shape transformation, I cap- ture its raw beauty and share emotions with it.

Placing the pieces altogether in a box is part of my work: Like a collection of butterflies, like floral art, I seek a shape, an enticing composition of every piece, I match the pieces and form a dainty and untouchable ambience.

Unique pieces
-2014 Polyphony of silence-

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