I cherish the serenity obtained from concentration, during the process of creation.
I’m alone, the knife and lathe are on my field of view.

Once one approaches an essence, it feels like it cuts ones breath, sensing the heart stopping. It’s a noble emotion.
When one approaches the shape’s essence, reflexes its sounds and the conscious harmony appears.
I don’t hear its sounds, I feel its sounds.



Natsumi Kaihara Silence no.1

Brooch/ Iron, Nickel silver, brass, stainless steel, 18k yellow gold  61 x 6 x 2


Natsumi Kaihara Silence no.2

Brooch/ Stainless steel, nickel silver, brass 75 x 25 x 8


Natsumi Kaihara Silence no.3

Brooch for a pocket/ Stainless steel, silver rhodium plating 52 x 10 x 9


Natsumi Kaihara Silence no.4

Brooch/ Nickel silver, brass, stainless steel 98 x 2 x 5


Natsumi Kaihara Silence no.5

Brooch/ Stainless steel, silver, titanium, 18k yellow gold 26 x 4 x 5


Natsumi Kaihara Silence no.6

Brooch/ Iron, Silver, titanium, 18k yellow gold 10 x 103 x 6


Natsumi Kaihara Silence no.7

Brooch/ Stainless steel, titanium 11 x 99 x 4

-2015 Silence-

myth-mini      phantom-mini      Natsumi Kaihara PFC pieza5

Natsumi Kaihara Urbano      Natsumi Kaihara joya D.O 1-2      Natsumi Kaiahara-lo precioso7      Natsumi Kaiahara-solitario3