The “Phantom” series is born from the imaginary world subject; live in a different place, another life.
“Had I chose the other path, life would had been different, I would have been different. It’s then when I felt observed by a version of myself, a shadow.”
The decisions I take to create a piece create phantoms.

Necklace/ Iron, brass, Nylon code 545 x 85 x 21


Brooch/ Iron, brass, titanium 123 x 8 x 10


Brooch/ Stainless steel, titanium, silver 60 x 43 x 12


-Phantom 2016-

myth-mini      Natsumi Kaihara Silence no.1      Natsumi Kaihara PFC pieza5

Natsumi Kaihara Urbano      Natsumi Kaihara joya D.O 1-2      Natsumi Kaiahara-lo precioso7      Natsumi Kaiahara-solitario3